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Helping Estate Planners Benefit From Trusts

A trust is an estate planning tool that helps people pass on their most valuable assets without interference from probate court and estate taxes. Though there are many different types of trusts, they all essentially work by having the property owner place assets into trust for the benefit of one or more other parties — usually the owner’s spouse or children. Once inside the trust, the property is administered by a trustee, who must operate according to the trust’s instructions and in the beneficiaries’ best interests.

Who Should Have A Trust?

Some people believe that trusts are only for the very wealthy. In fact, just about anybody in Texas who owns assets like a house, bank accounts and a life insurance policy they wish to pass on after they pass away could benefit from establishing a trust. A trust can be created at any point in life and structured so that the grantor continues to enjoy those assets until they die.

The office of A. Andrews Law, PLLC, helps its clients choose among the wide array of trusts available to the public as part of estate planning. Attorney Alisha Andrews is a knowledgeable trusts attorney known throughout the state for her commitment to providing the best estate planning solutions to her clients.

Can I Avoid Probate With A Trust?

One of the greatest advantages of placing assets into a trust is avoiding probate. Passing assets through probate can take time and potentially expose the estate to federal estate taxes. However, assets placed in trust are not subject to probate. This is one reason trusts are such a popular part of Texas estate planning.

Find Out Which Type Of Trust Fits Best

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