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Being the executor of an estate is a tremendous honor — and responsibility. The executor is responsible for ushering the estate through probate court and distributing its assets according to the terms of the will. The process can be complicated, but Texas estate administration law allows executors to retain the assistance of an attorney.

Attorney Alisha Andrews of A. Andrews Law, PLLC, is a highly regarded probate attorney representing executors across Texas. She helps executors (also known as administrators) understand the law and their role in the estate administration process. Her personal dedication to each client helps minimize the risk of a dispute turning into a lawsuit. But when litigation is necessary, she works diligently to represent her clients and reach a just outcome.

Dependent Vs. Independent Administration

In Texas, when someone dies without a valid will, they are said to have died intestate. State law requires that the deceased’s estate be subject to a “dependent probate administration.” Since there is no will designating an executor, dependent administration has the probate judge appoint an executor. In dependent administration, the executor acts under the judge’s close supervision and needs the court’s permission to take virtually any action. An independent administration is only possible in these cases if all the beneficiaries agree to it.

Independent administration has much less granular oversight. The administrator does not always need preapproval from the judge for every transaction. Independent administration is granted either when the decedent requested it in their will or all beneficiaries of the will agree to it.

While independent administration gives the executor greater freedom, it also means they have a greater responsibility not to make mistakes or cause unnecessary delays. Alisha Andrews’ representation can make the process much clearer.

Probate Disputes

Most estate administrations go fairly smoothly. But sometimes, someone comes forward to challenge the validity of the will or accuse the administrator of mismanagement. This could be an heir or beneficiary of the trust who believes they were supposed to get a larger share of the estate or someone saying they were unfairly excluded from the inheritance. Unless appropriately handled, disputes like these can turn ugly and expensive for all sides.

Alisha Andrews understands the emotions that a controversy over the will can evoke. She works tirelessly representing the executor or other party in probate disputes to find a settlement on which both sides can agree. Alisha is also a respected litigator who will prepare a strong case for court.

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