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Wills, Trusts And More To Provide Peace Of Mind

Estate planning ensures the testator’s wealth gets passed on according to their final wishes. But it is about more than the next generation. A comprehensive estate plan can also help the testator protect themselves during their lifetime. But without proper legal guidance, it is easy to create an incomplete or legally invalid plan.

The attorney at A. Andrews Law, PLLC, is dedicated to helping her clients take maximum advantage of what Texas’ estate planning law has to offer. Alisha Andrews’ thorough understanding of key planning tools like wills, trusts and advance health care directives gives her clients the knowledge they need to decide what to put into their plan. Her passion for her clients’ best interests assures them that their plan is best.

What Is Included In An Estate Plan?

Most people have heard of wills, the documents in which they name their heirs and what they want to bequeath them. But there is much more to estate planning than drafting a will. Alisha prepares a wide range of estate planning documents for her clients, including:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Advance health care directives

She also advises her clients on how to handle related matters outside of estate planning, such as designating the beneficiaries on a life insurance policy or retirement savings account. Alisha bases her recommendations on the client’s goals and priorities for their plan and explains each document’s uses in clear, practical language. The resulting plan will fit the needs of the client and their family.

Who Needs A Will?

It might seem that only older, wealthy Texans need to have a will prepared. The truth is that every adult should have a will, whether they are young and unmarried, middle-aged with children or entering their golden years. Nobody knows for sure when their time will come. When it does, a will ensures control over how your estate will be distributed. It can also speed up the probate process for the family by naming an executor and avoiding possible controversy over the testator’s final wishes. Alisha Andrews’ estate planning clients come from all stages of life.

Legacy Planning

Many people want the wealth they spent their lives building up to benefit not only their children but future generations also. This is possible with tools such as generational trust. Also known as a dynasty trust, it allows wealthy individuals to use their most valuable assets to enrich their family’s future generations, tax-free and potentially forever. Alisha routinely helps clients set up sophisticated instruments such as generational trusts to help her clients create a powerful legacy for their families to enjoy.

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